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Spiaggia Condo
 Spiaggia  condo 700793700
Spiaggia in Surfside are condominiums well known to be the fanciest and classiest than any of the real estate that can be found in the...
From: $165.000
95th On The Ocean
95th On The Ocean Surfside condo 496636707
From: $1.500.000
Azure Condos
Azure  condo 213962646
What people will find in the Azure in Surfside is a condominium building that is cultured, restricted and seductive. Because this is t...
From: $1.000.000
Carlisle on the Ocean
Carlisle on the Ocean  condo 1650275595
From: $290.000
Champlain Towers East
Champlain Towers East condo 612090966
From: $399.000
Champlain Towers North
Champlain Towers North condo 934553983
Champlain Towers South
Champlain Towers South condo 1054716128
From: $550.000
Chateau Ocean
Chateau Ocean condo 1338558324
Surfside used to be full of old hotels and residences along the beach, but today it is a very different story. The Chateau Group is ju...
From: $3.000.000
Four Winds
Four Winds condo 1073523270
From: $450.000
Manatee condo 1743280398
From: $275.000
Marbella condo 462458725
From: $199.000
Mirage Condos
Mirage   condo 1684638597
From: $525.000
Rimini condo 284621749
From: $325.000
Solimar condo 1659828220
Surf Club
Surf Club Hotel and Residences condo 1832821613
Surf Club
Surf Club Hotel & Residences condo 1010928066
The eight acres of land where the Surf Club in Surfside currently stands is going to have a new look in the near future. The award-win...
Surfside Towers
Surfside Towers condo 1699158757
From: $249.000
The Waverly Condos
Waverly  condo 1853519471
From: $380.000
Waves Condos
Waves condo 1203046803
From: $450.000

Surfside Information

Surfside real estate is nestled into a small, close knit community featuring luxury oceanfront condos and gloriously inviting beaches. Surfside has wonderful investment opportunities as properties appreciate on a regular basis. A buyer can expect to see a return on a condo investment within a relatively short time span as ocean front property is both limited and highly desired.


Cheap condos are not lacking in amenities but rather provide a means in which buyers from multiple budget ranges can enjoy the luxury of a condo. Waterfront condos are equipped for any lifestyle.New condosgive buyers the quiet demeanor of the suburbs while maintaining a close connection with the more active lifestyle found in nearby South Beach and Miami.


Surfside real estate offers luxury oceanfront condos at reasonable rates. Thewaterfront condos are loaded with amenities and provide owners of a condo to enjoy surfing and other water activities right out of their back doors. Condo investment by a buyer ensures not only a return on equity, but the luxurious lifestyle desired by many with the calmness of a geographic location that enjoys less crowded environments than other areas of the Florida coast.


With plenty of time to comb the beach in the tropical setting of Surfside real estate, buyers choosing a condo investment are assured satisfaction no matter which condo is chosen. Condo options include cheap condos and new condos. Waterfront condos are a popular choice because of the range allowed within budgets without having to skimp on amenities and luxury.


Condo investment opportunities can be had by all buyers. Options are near excellent school systems and transportation routes for the traveler. Surfside real estate featuresnew condos within nine to thirteen miles from three major airports. Condos also make great destinations for vacationing part timers to the area, making Surfside condo investment opportunities even more desirable.


This real estate can assist with finding the perfect condo with knowledgeable brokers who will listen to clients to locate the perfect condo, no matter the individual needs of any client. The customer service for this area in real estate turns buying property into an adventure and an enjoyable experience. Whether the buyer is a first time buyer or a seasoned pro, the brokers in Surfside provide outstanding assistance to help everyone find true satisfaction in owning a piece of tropical paradise along the Florida coast.


Since this part of Miami is not as crowded as other areas closeby, it has a community spirit that is reminiscent of a small town. Exciting nightlife opportunities are just around the corner, but quiet nights by the ocean can be had at any time of the year. It is truly one of the most magnificent places in Florida to call home.


Families can enjoy condos in many locations. Luxury oceanfront condos offer the best advantage in scenery. Waterfront condos employ the natural ebb and flow of tidal patterns as a backdrop for beach activities under the stars. Surfside cheap condos offer families a way to own a piece of the Florida coastline without breaking the bank. New condos appeal to a wide range of buyers and come in a variety of floor plans.


The beautiful tropical weather enjoyed from Surfside luxury oceanfront condos remains one of the most alluring reasons to purchase waterfront condos. The area, known for its balmy nights and gorgeous days, invites residents to partake of the natural beauty outside the window or balcony of their condo. The temperature makes the area a wonderful place to live and a great opportunity to enjoy the condo investment a buyer has made for a lifetime.

Miami Beach Real Estate: Bal Harbour Condos News & Blog

Law Firm and Former Owners of the Surf Club Come to an Agreement
The former owners of the Surf Club sued their attorney Stanley B. Price and his law firm Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLC in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court. However, the parties agreed to settle their differences outside of the Florida courtroom where the case was scheduled to be tried against the Miami attorney. The attorney for the former owners of the Surf Club Surfside Robert Zarco filed the lawsuit but subsequently amended the complaint. In court documents, the attorney Stanley B. Price is accused of causing the value of the Surf Club to go down a...
Chateau Ocean Residences Surfside
Introducing Miami’s New Chateau Buildings Bal Harbour is going to have a fabulous new neighbor in an ultra-luxurious condominium building that will have a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. The new construction will be a tower in Surfside  that will contain 60 glorious condominium homes next to the immaculate sands of the beach. Arquitectonica is responsible for designing this building, and this means that new residents are going to be treated to architecture that is like no other anywhere in the world.  
The Surf Club Hotel and Residences in Surfside
Now You Can Live Like the Rich and Famous in Surf Club Surfside Miami Beach has another fabulous luxury hotel in the pre-construction phase this year. This particular building is going to occupy eight acres of beachfront property in the highly coveted Bal Harbour area. The building’s architect will be the award-winning Richard Meier who knows how to create a building that takes the area’s history into account. This history will be evident as people come to live in the two residential towers or visit the five-star hotel and also partake in the elegant atmosphere...
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