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400 Sunny Isles
400 Sunny Isles condo 1722557792
Sunny Isles Beach real estate developers Key International are known for building important Downtown Miami properties, including Mint...
From: $725.000
400 Sunny Isles
The 400 Sunny Isles condo 984396048
From: $725.000
Acqualina Condo
Acqualina condo 1073641733
Mediterranean themed Acqualina Condo in Sunny Isles Beach complete listings. Search MLS for Acqualina condos for sale as well as all a...
From: $1.500.000
Arlen House Condo
Arlen House condo 1596685879
One of the simple pleasures of South Florida can be found at an Arlen House Condo in Sunny Isles Beach , where balmy breezes encourage...
From: $300.000
Armani Residences Condo
Armani Residences condo 260159723
From: $1.200.000
Chateau Beach
Chateau Beach  condo 1626356395
The Argentinian developer Chateau Group is offering brand new condo development located right on the Ocean in Sunny isles Beach. The 3...
From: $2.800.000
Chateau Beach
The Chateau Beach condo 670923114
The Chateau Beach condos for sale are offering people a variety of choices. The homes range in size from 2,890 square feet to 4,305 sq...
From: $2.800.000
Coastal Towers
Coastal Towers condo 153507588
From: $100.000
Florida Ocean Club
Florida Ocean Club condo 1779974581
Florida Ocean Club Condo is located in the center of Sunny Isles beach. Just minutes away from popular shops in Sunny Isles Beach and...
From: $350.000
Jade Beach Condo
Jade Beach condo 1786586983
Some of the most splendid experiences are bound to happen at Jade Beach in Sunny Isles under the clear sunny skies of Miami where care...
From: $800.000
Jade Ocean Condo
Jade Ocean condo 1954095772
In the heart of Sunny Isles Beach you will find luxurious presentations offered by Jade Ocean condos . The architecture of Jade Ocean...
From: $900.000
Jade Signature
Jade Signature condo 1202766445
Fortune Realty has organized an incredible coup. This company obtained permission to build a new condominium construction that will go...
From: $2.500.000
Jade Signature
The Jade Signature condo 236197259
Critically acclaimed architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron agreed to design the Jade Signature Sunny Isles Beach, so it couldn’t b...
From: $2.500.000
King David Condo
King David condo 1382286531
The scene is tropical, with crystal blue waters and balmy breezes at King David in Sunny Isles Beach. From the huge balconies of this...
From: $399.000
La Perla Condo
La Perla condo 41380150
Right off the coast of Florida lies the barrier island of La Perla , where luxury living can be experienced in a tropical environment....
From: $500.000
Mansions at Acqualina
Mansions at Acqualina condo 1234502150
A fabulous property, the Mansions at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, is a condominium tower offering extreme opulence in 46 stories se...
From: $7.800.000
Mansions at Acqualina
The Mansions at Acqualina condo 1819531713
The 79 chateaus at the Mansions at Acqualina condo are simply outrageous. The tower contains 46 floors on 6.75 acres of beachfront pro...
From: $7.800.000
Marenas Resort
Marenas Resort condo 1885759601
Marenas Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, South Florida. Marenas Resort and Residences offers luxury homes and condominiums in Sunny Isles...
From: $310.000
Millennium Condo
Millennium condo 324391017
Millennium Condos in Sunny Isles Beach Miami Real Estate.Millenium apartments for sale and rent in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. View li...
From: $450.000
 Muse  condo 823131037
Developers launched a new condominium Muse building in Sunny Isles Beach, but this one is different from the rest. The difference is t...
From: $2.800.000
Ocean Four Condo
Ocean Four condo 178505085
Ocean Four in Sunny Isles Beach is situated on 300 feet of beachfront along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In plain view, this 41-s...
From: $400.000
Ocean One Condo
Ocean One condo 933112987
Magnificent and luxurious, are the only words that can describe the condos of Ocean One in Sunny Isles. A 700 foot stretch of sandy wh...
From: $1.000.000
Ocean Point Condo
Ocean Point condo 810948768
Ocean Point condos in Sunny Isles Beach are the most affordable oceanfront luxury appartments for sale and for rent in Miami Beach are...
From: $400.000
Ocean Reserve Condo
Ocean Reserve condo 859841782
Capture brilliant sunrises and spectacular water views at an Ocean Reserve condo in Sunny Isles Beach . As you indulge in the superb a...
From: $200.000
Ocean Three
Ocean Three condo 614068013
High above the land and sea towers 32-stories of the luxurious Sunny Isles Beach Condos of Ocean-Three. This brand of upscale living c...
From: $400.000
Ocean Two Condo
Ocean Two condo 2095386455
The condos of Ocean Two in Sunny Isles Beach are situated on exclusive Sunny Isles Beach real estate in a luxuriously exotic setting t...
From: $850.000
Oceania I Condo
Oceania I condo 106294213
Oceania One condominiums have gained the respect of the wealthy and affluent due to its high standard of living options. It offers a h...
From: $400.000
Oceania II Condo
Oceania II condo 172166604
The Oceania Two condos of Miami have cultivated the reputation of being an upscale construction that contains 29 floors of luxurious l...
From: $400.000
Oceania III Condo
Oceania III condo 865810416
If you're looking for a get-a-way that promises sun, sand and surf, Oceania III is set to deliver with quality and style. These Sunny...
From: $400.000
Oceania IV Condo
Oceania IV  condo 1106963648
For an experience served best under the sunny skies of Miami, Oceania Four is certainly one to consider. Whether it's for an extended...
From: $40.000
Oceania V Condo
Oceania V condo 1493973395
The Oceania V condos of South Florida are some of the most sought after living spaces on Sunny Isles real estate . These Sunny Isles B...
From: $400.000
Oceanview Condo (A)
Oceanview condo 1225926597
Imagine life on vacation everyday under sunny skies by day and starlit skies by night at an Oceanview condominium in Sunny Isles Beach...
From: $300.000
Oceanview Condo (B)
Oceanview "B" condo 1903800711
From: $400.000
Pinnacle Condos
Pinnacle condo 811910715
When it comes to Miami condos, Pinnacle condo Sunny Isles Beach has lots to offer as an aesthetically pleasing, forty-story tower. It...
From: $650.000
Porsche Tower Condo
Porsche Tower condo 1506804605
From: $3.800.000
Porto Bellagio Condo
Porto Bellagio condo 1252394798
Porto Bellagio condos Miami real estate & South Beach luxury condos for sale. Sunny Isles & Bal Harbour waterfront condos...
From: $340.000
Regalia Condo
 Regalia condo 2021454244
If you want to know what 43 stories of luxury living space looks like, make your way to Regalia Condo Sunny Isles Beach. Glorious scen...
From: $7.800.000
Sands Pointe Condo
Sands Pointe condo 1456602007
On Sunny Isles Beach real estate , Sands Pointe is considered as paradise on earth for its exclusive display of over-the-top amenities...
From: $675.000
Sayan Condo
Sayan condo 820827949
Sayan Condos for sale in Sunny Isles Beach Miami. South Florida USA. Sayan Condos are located in Sunny Isles Beach. The Miami Condo Li...
From: $540.000
Sole Condo
Sole condo 963475139
Sole Condos in Sunny Isles Beach Miami Real Estate with photos and description of luxury Miami Beach condos,The Sole' on the Ocean con...
From: $325.000
St. Tropez Condo
St. Tropez condo 467905416
On Sunny Isles Real Estate , St.Tropez in Sunny Isles Beach is proud to introduce their ultra-modern living spaces. Three towering str...
From: $750.000
Trump International
Trump International  condo 1977820850
From: $300.000
Trump Palace
The Trump Palace condo 565259865
Arriving at the Trump Palace condos for sale will be a secure affair because the elevators are private. Residents are impressed by wha...
From: $120.000
Trump Palace Condos
Trump Palace condo 1852346460
Dare to dream of a place where land and sea are combined to create a tropical paradise. The opulent Trump Palace condos are situated o...
From: $600.000
Trump Royale
The Trump Royale condo 130694304
The Trump Royale condo is a treasure that can only be expected to be found in Sunny Isles Beach. The premises are replete with palm tr...
From: $120.000
Trump Royale Condo
Trump Royale condo 1790479335
As a proud owner of a Trump Royale condo you are given the opportunity to live luxuriously year in and year out. The allure of these r...
From: $600.000
Trump Tower I Condo
Trump Tower I condo 1015776929
Sunny Isles Beach real estate is pleased to host the exclusive properties found in Trump Towers Miami . This luxurious condominium con...
From: $600.000
Trump Tower II Condos
Trump Tower II condo 1355254937
Where else can you find white sandy beachfront and ocean views except on exclusive Sunny Isles Beach real estate. This is where some o...
From: $600.000
Trump Tower III Condo
Trump Tower III condo 1626397797
Trump Miami introduces its third Trump Tower as a popular favorite among the Sunny Isle Beach condos. It is attractive to potential bu...
From: $600.000
Turnberry Ocean Club
Turnberry Ocean Club condo 314462817
Sunny Isles Beach in Miami Beach received great news on April 14 of this year. Residents learned that the location is going to host th...
From: $4.000.000

Sunny Isles Beach Luxury Information

Sunny Isles Beach became the “Venice of America” in 1920 when a savvy investor saw the opportunity to create a haven for tourists on 2.26 square miles of beachfront property. The area’s fate was sealed in 1925 when builders finished the Haulover Bridge and made the location easily accessible from Miami Beach. Since then, more developers took the chance to become involved in the Sunny Isles area. This resulted in the creation of the Biscayne Bay and several islands and peninsulas where luxury waterfront homes currently stand.


In 1936, developers constructed the pier, and soon after, many people made a habit of visiting the area. In 1982, this location became a historic site, and its existence as an important tourist attraction was solidified. After the Golden Strand was constructed in 1946, this location began to attract Hollywood celebrities like Grace Kelly, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner who were huge fans of the area’s beaches. People still like to fish and enjoy the sights in this area that has received the name “The New Millionaire’s Row of Miami Beach Real Estate.”


Sunny Isles Beach real estate got its start in 1950 when the first single-family home was constructed. Then, developers began to build “Motel Row” during the 1950s and 1960s when several motels began to pop up on the prestigious Collins Avenue. The Ocean Palm that was located in this area just happened to be the first two-story motel to be built in the United States. The Beatles were known to visit the Wreck Bar at the Castaway Motel that was located where the Oceania Towers has stood since the 1990s. Sunny Isles became a highly popular place to visit, and many people are now proudly calling the area home.


Sunny Isles Beach homes started to develop a new appearance around 20 years ago. Luxury hotels, Sunny Isles condos, Sunny Isles condo hotels and prestigious Golden Beach and Aventura real estate co-existed side by side. Also in need of mention are the Bal Harbour Shops, Bal Harbour real estate and the condominium hotels that are also within close proximity. The amenities and indulgences common to this area make it a great place to be.


The Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale are known to offer residents scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Intercoastal Waterway. Developers continue to work their magic on this location, so it will continue to make its way to the top of the list of the most luxurious locations in the world. That makes now a great time to purchase property in this area.


Our Sunny Isles Beach condos are the most privileged properties, and they can be assured to offer you top-notch luxuries and indulgences. Some of the buildings that contain properties that fit this description can be found in the Trump Royale, Trump Tower, Trump Palace, Ocean Four Condo, Jade Ocean, Jade Beach, Turnberry Ocean Colony and Acqualina. Better properties than these couldn’t be found if you were to search the entire world.

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