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1500 Ocean Drive Condos
1500 Ocean Drive condo 1716747703
The illustrious architect, Michael Graves, designed the condominium building at 1500 Ocean Drive South Beach to be a genuine work of a...
From: $599.000
Apogee Condos
Apogee  condo 990516265
One of the best condominium buildings in Miami is the Apogee Miami. These condos fit this description for so many reasons, including t...
From: $6.000.000
Bentley Bay North
Bentley Bay North condo 1047472125
The Bentley Bay in South Beach has a great view of Biscayne Bay and the city of Miami. It also offers the residents of this South Beac...
From: $330.000
Bentley Bay South
Bentley Bay South condo 1129255723
The Bentley Bay in South Beach contains two towers with a fabulous view of the Intercoastal Waterway and downtown Miami. Designed to r...
From: $392.000
Capri South Beach
Capri South Beach condo 1280773131
The Capri South Beach condo has the distinction of being designed by an architect who won awards in his field. The architect, Kobi Kar...
From: $559.000
Cipriani South Beach
Cipriani South Beach condo 320896531
The Cipriani condo is well known for its amazingly elegant Miami Beach condos
From: $500.000
Continuum South Beach
Continuum condo 1071703642
People will not be able to find anything in the world quite like the South Beach condo called the Continuum Miami. Those who purchase...
From: $1.395.000
Continuum II
Continuum II condo 1867420244
The Continuum 2 in South Beach has the distinction of being the last new condominium building to be built in South Beach. The South Be...
From: $800.000
Cosmopolitan  condo 834731907
The Cosmopolitan South Beach condominium building has the best that luxury condos can give for the most competitive price. This South...
From: $345.000
Gansevoort Paradiso
Gansevoort Paradiso  condo 109543812
Gansevoort Paradiso South Beach is more than just your home. It is your masterpiece. A place created by you and for you, Gansevoort Pa...
From: $300.000
IL Villagio Condos
IL Villagio condo 1383171153
The claim to fame of the IL Villaggio is the fact that it is the most electrifying piece of real estate in South Beach. This incompara...
From: $795.000
Murano at Portofino
Murano at Portofino condo 313833176
The classiest South Beach real estate can only be said to be the Murano. What makes this Miami real estate so in vogue is the fact tha...
From: $565.000
Murano Grande
Murano Grande  condo 1684198795
Luxury in South Beach real estate is not a new thing. What is new in South Beach real estate is the Murano Grande condo but it has old...
From: $795.000
Murano Icon
Murano Icon  condo 1446444369
People who are seeking Miami real estate are fans of the ocean and the sun, but this is not the only concern that people have when the...
From: $520.000
Paradiso At Gansevoort
Paradiso At Gansevoort condo 204723159
From: $1.000.000
Portofino Tower Condos
Portofino Tower  condo 1404116406
Those who have had good fortune sometimes find that they are in a class by themselves and it can be a lonely experience. The Portofino...
From: $595.000
Regent South Beach
Regent South Beach  condo 642177043
The classiest condominium/hotel in town on the most polished street, Ocean Drive, is the Regent South Beach in South Beach. Just some...
From: $500.000
Ritz Carlton
Ritz Carlton  condo 1578161515
The Ritz Carlton South Beach is the first Ritz Carlton Hotel to contain a purely residential community. This new South Beach real esta...
From: $300.000
Setai Condos
Setai    condo 1675781245
The Setai South Beach is real estate that is famous for being one of the more posh and resplendent pieces of real estate in the Miami...
From: $650.000
W South Beach
W South Beach  condo 742450591
The W South Beach Condo Hotel is the place to go for an entertaining existence. Residents are surrounded by fun, but the W South Beach...
From: $769.000
Yacht Club Condos
Yacht Club  condo 1745007222
Luxury condominiums have a home in the Yacht Club South Beach, and they are some of the best priced Miami real estate in the area. The...
From: $325.000

South Beach Information


 South Beach real estate is nested between 23rd Street South and South Pointe Park. The distinction this area holds is that it is the last barrier between land and ocean and entertains some of the most sought after beach properties inside of Florida. The living exemplifies the Miami lifestyle in every way.

 Condos for sale offer a piece of this luxurious living to those seeking an affluent lifestyle while rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. South Beach real estate has boasted such residents as J.C. Penny, Harvey Firestone, and even President Warren G. Harding--although his stay was confined to the exclusive Flamingo Hotel.


 Condo options are built along the prime landscape that holds its value in being zoned for high rise luxury building. The luxury of condos for sale within the area makes the experience of owning a one a life changing event as the area has a rich history that is growing with each successive decade. The comfort of an oasis combined with the appeal of modern convenience offers a multitude of activities ranging from lazy days spent lounging on the beach to an exciting nightlife waiting around the corner. Every buyer can be assured of offerings that suit his or her personal lifestyle while having a plethora of possibilities for adventures from within and around this area.


 Having humble beginnings in coconut farming and agriculture during the 1800s, the fertile landscape calling local real estate home lends itself to a scenic explosion of exotic plants. The name comes from the original agricultural owners as Charles Lum's daughter fondly referred to the coconut fields as South Beach. In 1920, as times changed and the need to expand living quarters began with the influx of new residents, the area was prepared for vehicles to drive upon. The famous Ocean Avenue was one of the streets created for this use during this time period.


 Condos have multiple options and are built along the strip of land nicknamed the American Rivera and given the most chick embellishments in an art deco and streamlined modern and nautical architecture. The area has been famous for this type of decor since the early 30s. Condos for sale have more art deco than anywhere else in the world, even today.



Miami Beach condo hi-rises are not strangers to Hollywood. Jackie Gleeson hosted his some of the episodes to his variety show in the area. In addition, the well known Miami Vice was filmed in South Beach. 

Miami Beach Real Estate: Bal Harbour Condos News & Blog

Now You Can Own the Former Versace Mansion
The former Versace mansion is going to be auctioned on the 17th of this month in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Real estate developer Glenn Straub owns the Palm Beach Polo & Country Club, and he is preparing to bid on the estate.
The Secret of Why Foreign Investors Are Buying in South Beach
Investors, people in retirement and those on vacation have a great opportunity to find South Beach condominiums with the most desirable luxuries possible. South Beach real estate is close to where the most adventurous can go deep-sea diving, charter an airplane or a yacht, play water sports, play golf or tennis, shop at the art galleries and boutiques and enjoy the best weather throughout the entire year.
Prices for Penthouse Condominium Homes Are Reaching Records Highs
South Beach condominiums reach high into the sky, and this is exactly how one can describe the purchase prices for these homes. Last week, a penthouse at the Setai Resort sold for $27 million. Miami real estate agents stated that no other condominium home has ever sold at such a high price before. According to agent Jeff Miller, housing prices are on a definite march upward. Miller represented the investor who purchased the 7,100 square foot property mentioned above, and he has noticed that people from all over the world are expressing an interest in other Miami...
Once Again New Yorkers Are Buying Miami Real Estate
When the housing industry was experiencing a serious downturn everywhere in the country, Miami real estate was defying the trend. At the time that miami's real estate market began to turn around, people were coming form Russia, Europe, Canada and South America to take part in the opportunity that was being presented to them. The latest thing Miami is seeing is buyers from New York who are also opting to purchase Miami condos on the beach. The owner and founder of Oceanfront Realty, Walter Abolsky has always had many clients from New York, but they have been...
Apogee Condo in South Beach
The Apogee Miami is a favorite of many. Just a few of the reasons for this has to be the Infinity Edge pool that can be found in the property’s garden, the most up-to-date spa facilities and the fitness center. Situated on 2.88 acres, the building contains common areas and a lobby that were created by renowned designer, Yabu Pushelberg. It also has a party pavilion.
The Miami Preconstruction Market is Back
Preconstruction has returned to Miami. The developer, Gil Dezer has new Miami condos in the Sunny Isles Beach area that will go on sale this year in June. The new Miami real estate, called the Porsche Design building, will have a total of 132 condominium homes ready to be
Miami Home Sales Are Up
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) just informed the world that October 2011 saw an increase in the forthcoming sales of houses in Miami, and they continue to surpass those of the year before. The future home sales indicator, the Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), was at 84.5 in September of last year but in October was found to be at 93.3, a full 10.4 percent increase in contract signings. In October of 2010, the index was only at 85.5. This indicates that the PHSI was up 9.2 percent one year later. This is good news, but people must remember that the PHSI...
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