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Akoya Condos
Akoya  condo 426457137
From: $179.000
Aqua Allison
Aqua Allison  condo 1893838860
From: $690.000
Avanti Condos
Avanti condo 1702931465
From: $380.000
Bath Club Condos
Bath Club  condo 1351567119
From: $795.000
Bel Aire Condos
Bel Aire  condo 1293600013
From: $370.000
Bentley Beach Condos
Bentley Beach  condo 2084502276
From: $500.000
Blue Diamond Condos
Blue Diamond  condo 558929263
From: $549.000
Canyon Ranch Condos
Canyon Ranch condo 117173497
From: $359.000
Carribean Miami Beach
Carribean Miami Beach  condo 1995386956
From: $899.000
Fontainebleau II Miami Beach
Fontainebleau II  condo 1425517722
From: $375.000
Green Diamond Condos
Green Diamond  condo 1289065649
From: $559.000
Icon condo 1578274014
From: $400.000
Mei Condos
Mei  condo 987179209
From: $515.000
Mosaic Condos
Mosaic  condo 1938001178
From: $820.000
Ocean House
Ocean House condo 907213387
When people hear the words, “South of Fifth condo,” it is generally understood that the building gives people the good fortune to part...
From: $2.500.000
Terra Beachside Villas
Terra Beachside Villas condo 889912621
From: $545.000
Villa De Mare Condos
Villa De Mare condo 832178284
From: $2.500.000

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Miami Beach Condos

Miami Beach, immortalized forever by Miami Vice, is represented by some of the best brokers in offering gorgeousreal estatein the form of beautiful luxury homes and waterfront condos. The miles of white, warm sand and the plethora of activities available among a tropical backdrop makes the area one of the most magnificent places to live in the world.


Local real estate brokers use their connections to assist buyers in gaining the best property within the best price range according to the buyer's budget, which currently involves purchasing during the period prior to construction. Miami Beach real estate is in the throes of a facelift, driving prices down from the pre-recession period. New condos during this phase of development can be almost half the amount per square foot as prices after construction has been completed.


Single family house options are also in the rise as more families desire to own near the ocean. Miami Beach homes for sale have seen increased interest and a steady rise in new homeowners that speaks volumes as to the stability of the market. Realtors are conscious of this development in trends, knowing that many of these homes are gaining in appreciation as the properties are on prime land. The investment a family makes in choosing to purchase Miami homes increases the equity as the area booms into growth.


The options for living among the rich and famous are as numerous as there are types of people to choose them. Miami Beach luxury homes include condo options, single family house options, and waterfront condos. There are homes directly off the ocean where the beach is the front yard and homes set closer to the excitement of trend-setting nightclubs and exotically tempting restaurants. More athletic residents may choose Miami Beach real estate located near biking and skating trails to keep their tanned bodies toned.


Top of the line amenities, newly remodeled and constructed floor plans, and the resort-like living offered by local real estate make living in the area a spectacular choice when deciding where to invest money with possibilities of long term gain. South Beach is fueled by tourism and the new condos being built will be an oasis in paradise for many of those tourists and part timers as they will serve as second homes or summer homes. Condo options feature rich art deco that enhances the picturesque surroundings. Miami Beach has one of the largest collections of art deco in the world.


Known as the "Magic City", the area can't be beat in the views from waterfront condos. Local real estate brokers strive to bring new families into the area to build a strong growth that enhances all property value, and the new condos are part of that. The revenues earned in taxes for the developments are poured right back into the local economy, allowing Miami Beach real estate the luxury of being up to date and well cared for year round.


Many new condos are available in waterfront condos. Miami Beach luxury homes cater to the rich and famous as well as to the year round resident. It is a beautiful place to retire, raise a family, spend vacations, or live no matter the size of the family or the personality of the individual. Sun drenched streets warm the heart and provide excellent shopping opportunities.

Miami Beach Real Estate: Bal Harbour Condos News & Blog

The Real Estate Buying Frenzy Isn’t Slowing Down in Miami
More people seek condominium properties in the Miami Beach area than in any other in the country, and these properties are moving at an alarming rate as was reported in The Real Deal. Currently, purchase prices are appreciating slower as more properties are being sold. This makes these properties extremely attractive to buyers and will ensure that this market remains popular for a while. What It All Means Because of the current trend described above, investors consider Miami Beach real estate to be a great buy for the money, and this is true although the market...
Diversity Is the Name of the Game for Miami Real Estate
Miami real estate is the place to look when you are seeking diversity, and this is especially true of the luxury market. What you end up with will only depend upon your needs. If you are considering Miami luxury real estate, you will, undoubtedly, be happy to know that this is upscale real estate that gives you at least two options.
The Possible Recovery in the Miami Beach Housing Market
Miami real estate began to take a dive in 2007, but the area has become so popular again that it appears to be recovering too quickly. Housing prices peaked in 2006, and current prices are currently higher for condominium homes and single-family dwellings than they were at the peak. What this means is that more Miami Beach condos and single-family homes are being added to the available inventory, and this fact offers an advantage to those who wish to buy property.
What Future Buyers Need to Know about the South Florida Housing Market
The Miami real estate market continues to recover, and proof of this is what occurred in April. During that month, the average purchase price of Miami single-family homes was $225,000, and this was an increase of 23.7 percent over last April’s average purchase price. The average purchase price of Miami condos for sale increased to $175,000, and this is a 17.1 percent increase over the same time period.
Bath Club Condo Miami Beach
Living at the Bath Club condo means that people are close to the best areas in Miami, including South Beach and Bal Harbour. People may recognize the name, “Millionaire’s Row,” an area right on the beach that is one of the most highly coveted pieces of real estate in Miami. This is exactly where they will find the Bath Club in Miami Beach, right in the middle of the most exalted location on the beach. This building is the one to seek when the utmost in luxury is one of the main requirements.
Luxury at Mei Miami Beach Condo
Luxury condominium buildings have a new addition called The Mei Miami Condominium. These Miami Beach condos have what is not often found in this area: an Asian influence. The building is not lacking in modern technology, but residents also have a Tea Lounge and a Zen library to enjoy. For those who take pleasure in a modern experience, the building contains an up-to-date fitness center and a spa. They also have the option of visiting the beach whenever they like. Residents of this Sourh Beach real estate are also very close to all the events and occurrences in...
Condo Boom in Miami Beach And Palm Beach My Be On The Horizon
South Florida real estate is truly unpredictable when it comes to market trends. While the right timing and investment returns are rather difficult to predict, trends in this market have been on the positive side for property purchases and investing. In the big picture there are indicators that direct potential investors as to when properties should be sold or purchased.
Miami Florida - The Demand For Foreclosures on the Rise
In the southern portion of the state of Florida, leading auctioneer site specializing in real estate. The foreclosure properties in Miami Florida listed as sold in its final hours proved the site's credibility rating as 269 properties out of 369 properties found new owners in the foreclosure market in Miami Florida [...]
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