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350 Las Olas Condo
350 Las Olas condo 141609243
350 Las Olas Place Condo , Fort Lauderdale 7 Condos for Sale in 350 Las Olas Place Condo Fort Lauderdale search up-to-minute 350 Las O...
From: $239.000
Aquazul Condos
Aquazul  condo 42885832
Aquazul Condos in Fort Lauderdale 1600, OCEAN BL
From: $995.000
Esplanade Condos
Esplanade condo 359681595
Esplanade Condos For Sale & Rent in Fort Lauderdale
From: $232.000
Europa By the Sea
Europa By the Sea condo 1823642993
From: $824.000
Jackson Tower Condos
Jackson Tower condo 385691035
From: $549.000
L Ambiance Condos
L' Ambiance condo 642650103
From: $545.000
L Hermitage 1 Condo
L' Hermitage I condo 1316617788
From: $599.000
L Hermitage 2
L' Hermitage II condo 59258664
From: $699.000
La Rive Condos
La Rive condo 523531555
From: $989.000
Las Olas Beach Club
Las Olas Beach Club condo 2006438439
From: $670.000
Las Olas Grand
Las Olas Grand  condo 707340612
From: $415.000
Las Olas River House
Las Olas River House  condo 828039415
From: $649.000
Oceanage Condos
Oceanage condo 1116343889
From: $549.000
Point Of Americas
Point Of Americas condo 217690017
From: $550.000
Sapphire Condos
Sapphire condo 1096087618
From: $530.000
Shore Club Condos
Shore Club condo 22060677
From: $255.000
The Palms Condos
The Palms  condo 465485352
From: $995.000
The Ritz Carlton
The Ritz Carlton condo 23550605
From: $1.650.000
The Seasons Condos
The Seasons condo 707613734
From: $234.000
The Symphony Condos
The Symphony condo 657574406
From: $225.000
Vantage View
Vantage View condo 938657142
From: $329.000
Vue Residences Condo
Vue Residences condo 1988676671
From: $350.000
Watergarden Condos
Water Garden condo 1784594068
From: $289.000

Fort Lauderdale Information

Ft.Lauderdale condos 

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate has options for everyone. With great value for your dollar, the real estate offers can't be beat. Coupled with a tropical climate and gorgeous views, luxury home choices become irresistible bargains, even in today’s difficult economy.

Built on a series of unique canals that offers abundant waterfront property single family house options and commercial real estate options bring together communities, giving them small town appeal while fostering a tourist driven economical structure.

Fort Lauderdale condo options include waterfront condos and luxury condos. Boasting more than 120 nightclubs and 4,100 restaurants, life on the waterways and beaches is never boring. Boating enthusiasts find a haven in the city since there are more than 100 marinas and 42,000 yachts awaiting their new additions.


Luxury condos are not the only options for those wishing to view the ocean from the comfort of their own kitchens. Ocean house options dot the horizon, giving the opportunity to live on the beach to a wider audience than just those preferring condos. The local real estate has includes many single family house plans with multiple layouts to accommodate families of various sizes.

Both year round residents and those enjoying an oasis away from home for part of the year benefit from condo and luxury home options. The unique mix of part timers and full timers creates a sanctuary that is reminiscent of small town closeness while retaining big city adventure. Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate within communities grant convenience and elegance, adding to the allure the city holds for its residents.

The tourist market that supports City also makes it possible for Fort Lauderdale brokers to offer the best interest rates to home buyers. As the tourist economy morphs from the spring break young adult market into an affluent cruise ship and world traveler market, the value of homes sold in the city increases the wealth of their owners through higher equity.


Waterfront condos are appealing as they offer ocean-like views without the beach combers constant presence in less toured areas of the city. This privacy gives the illusion of private coves and beaches while still supplying a variety of entertainment solutions to satisfy everyone.

Among the alluring choices, Fort Lauderdale beach real estate stands out. The simple pleasure of running to the beach to work each morning with a cup of coffee and a computer makes ocean Fort Lauderdale house options one of the best features of the city's real estate market. What a way to greet the coming day!


Ft.Lauderdale Homes

The Fort Lauderdale real estate market resides in the city nicknamed for its meandering canals. Known as "The Venice of America", Fort Lauderdale, Florida has amenities and appeal for a wide range of buyers not found in other real estate markets. Fort Lauderdale beach real estate and Fort Lauderdale commercial real estate are but two options for residents and businesses alike to find the perfect new home they've been seeking.

Prestigious neighborhoods are available with a wide range of possible activities depending on the desires of the buyer. Private beaches for quiet evenings can be found in Fort Lauderdale Hillsboro Mile real estate.

Fort Lauderdale condo options include Fort Lauderdale waterfront condos and Fort Lauderdale luxury condos to match any specification a buyer may have. Floor plans and amenities vary, but the vibrant communities these condos are located in deliver satisfaction to their owners. Downtown condos feature easy access to the dynamic offerings of the arts and entertainment districts. Fort Lauderdale luxury condos in other areas of the city are just as dynamic in setting and can accommodate any taste.

Fort Lauderdale luxury home options can be found among the tropical setting surrounding the city.Premiere living options are abundant. Golden sand and world class amenities, such as yachting and other water sports, offer the lifestyle of the rich and famous at reasonable rates. There is even real estate available that offers private yacht docking for those who prefer to take off in their own back yards.

If a buyer is more interested in family living, Fort Lauderdale single family house options are the way to go. The real estate Ft. Lauderdale has to offer for family living has excellent school districts and family orientated activities. Parks and other destinations catering to families are nestled into the neighborhoods to create a complement the neighborhoods. Choosing to live in an area where children and families can feel at home does not mean giving up aesthetics. Architecturally appealing landscapes and multiple designs create prized communities where families thrive.

Beautiful ocean Fort Lauderdale house plans bring the wonders of the ocean to the back door. Imagine waking up to gentle waves cresting on the horizon while the children play on the beach. The possibilities for sandcastles are endless in the close-knit communities available.

Fort Lauderdale single family house choices can be found in multiple locations. Some locations for this type of housing are Coral Ridge Country Club, Harbor Beach, and Bay Colony. Ocean Fort Lauderdale house choices include such locations as Las Olas By-The-Sea and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Fort Lauderdale waterfront condos combine convenience in location with the relaxed atmosphere of the prestigious and affluent on Las Olas Boulevard. This thoroughfare features sidewalk cafes, shopping, galleries and fine dining before stretching into the golden beach and the gentle ocean beyond.

Miami Beach Real Estate: Bal Harbour Condos News & Blog

Real Estate Recovery Boosts Net Worth
There have been an increasing amount of reports concerning the clear signs of the real estate recovery in South Florida. With home prices increasing in value, many home-buyers are now seeing a boost to their net worth. This can be a tremendous asset to anyone from investors to the retiring population. In Broward County, the median price of a property rose a total of 21 percent in the month of December from the previous year. Analysts believe that the real estate market is displaying clear signs of continuous growth for the next few years. As prices continue to...
Miami Real Estate Prices Compared to Prices Around the World
It might seem that real estate prices in Miami are on the high end of the scale, but one look at housing prices throughout the world shows the reality of the situation. While there are economists and journalists putting forth their opinion that real estate in the Miami area is overpriced, they are simply wrong. In fact, Miami homes on the market tend to be on the lower end of the pricing scale, compared to some other parts of the country..
Ft.Lauderdale sales market rebounds quickly thanks foreign investors
In 1998, new condo construction began within the Fort Lauderdale real estate market. L'Hermitage Tower I and L'Hermitage Tower II were two of the condominiums built. L'Hermitage Tower I sold first in ’98 with its twin selling in ’99 [...]
Hillsboro Mile Homes in Ft.lauderdale
South Florida is known for its breathtaking homes that dot the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. These homes are often large in size, plentiful in features and rich in quality. They are the most desirable living locations in the state. For those who enjoy the warm weather [...]
Las Olas Isles Real Estate
Visiting the beach is nice, but living on the beach is heavenly. The problem is that most beach towns are overcrowded. Having to fight through traffic, wait on lines at restaurants and search for spots to lay your blanket down on the beach isn’t enjoyable or relaxing [...]
Harbour Heights Homes Ft.Lauderdale
In the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, the community of Harbour Heights has a varied amount of options in upscale homes for sale. This thriving family oriented neighborhood is filled with lots of recreational and cultural activities. It is also considered as the perfect environment for retirees and those who choose to purchase a second home. For those who reside in chillier climates, Harbour Heights Fort Lauderdale is the ideal location for melting away all traces of winter.
Bay Colony Fort Lauderdale Homes
The Fort Lauderdale area is well known for the homes in the Bay Colony which offer so much more than just a place to live. These homes are presented in excellent condition and a variety of styles. Those who pursue a home in Bay Colony are privy to all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer in waterfront living, luxury and a location that is close to all the extra indulgences.
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