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Porsche Tower Sunny Isles Beach

People love to visit Miami, and that must be the reason that Miami is one of the first cities to experience a recovery in the housing market. The reality is that Miami real estate is on the rise and continues to go in the right direction. In the southern Florida region, Miami stands out as a place where the statistics are very good when it comes to the housing market, and that's the reason that so many developers are choosing this city to build their preconstruction projects. Miami is where those who are looking for extravagant places to live will find them, and one notable example is the Porsche Tower in Sunny Isles.

Sunny Isles is a location not far from the city of Miami, and it became a popular place for condominium developers to build their latest masterpieces. The Porsche Design Group is one of those developers, and it's the entity that is bringing a 57-story glass condominium building so opulent to the area that it stands high above any other construction.

What Is So Special about This Tower?

Every tower in Sunny Isles offers a great view of the location, but this particular tower will have the best. The architects and designers will make it a point to use materials and designs that will ensure that residents will have views of the Intercoastal Waterway and the city without anything that could possibly stand in the way. The balcony doors and walls made of glass will be present just for this reason as well as to ensure that the sun's light can always make an entrance.

These homes only have the most technologically advanced appliances, and the finest substances are to be used as finishes. The technology will be impressive throughout the units because residents will have a home that is pre-wired for cable television. The imported cabinets will be tasteful, and only the best imported marble and tile will be used for the floors.

The designers of the Porsche Tower in Sunny Isles Beach would be remiss if they only created an ostentatious experience for the inside of the units without adding luxurious building amenities into the mix. One of the most favorable is the robotic parking lot that allows residents to be taken to their homes without having to get out of their vehicles. They will also have meticulously landscaped grounds to enjoy as well as 400 feet of private beachfront property. The 24-hour security will ensure that residents are safe as they stroll along the grounds. They can rest assured that no one will be on the property who doesn't belong there because every vehicle must gain entry through a conspicuous gate at all times of the day.

How to Obtain a Home

Obtaining a home is simple. Just contact the sales team to reserve one of these fantastic units in Porsche Tower that range in size from 3,800 to 9,000 square feet. Right now, prices are starting at $3.75 million for these homes, but this price is sure to increase as more people show an interest in these wonderful deluxe condominium units.

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